Mobile Cheats

I have no idea if this is even possible, but have you ever thought of making cheats for mobile games? maybe, if this is even possible, you could do so through the remote wemod app.

I mainly ask because I’ve been looking for a mod for dagonvale, as it pretty much forces you to buy gems to play the game. I think there is a PC version of dragonvale sooo if someone is lookig to make some mods for that ill love you long time!!


WeMod produces cheats for PC games (plus Xbox 360 if you count its Horizon software).

The problem with mobile games is that the vast majority of them are server-sided. Which means cheats in the form of trainers aren’t really possible for technical reasons.

While it’s possible to embed cheats into cracked mobile APK files, WeMod will not be doing this because it breaks international copyright laws - WeMod is a legitimate business, not a shady underworld.
PC and mobile programming are also very different skillsets.