Mod for a New Game

Hello evryone,Newbie here,just wanted to ask is it possible to request mod for a game that isn’t in the list?

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While I’m sure WeMod appreciates your suggestion for a trainer to be made, unfortunately, they do not take trainer requests on the forums.

To learn more on how trainers are created, follow the link here - Game Queue

Otherwise, if you are unable to view the link above, trainers are created based on their popularity within the community, which is calculated by how many WeMod members have installed the game (which the WeMod app autmatically detects), and how many WeMod members are following it or have added it as a favourite (by clicking the “Notify me” button or the star icon on the WeMod app).

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Thank you for lighting fast reply. About the Game I’m particularly interested isn’t very much played on PC since it’s mainly mobile game but Like Action Taimanin has PC version and like aforementioned game had mobile mods made but Devs one day decided to end the mod with implementing llcp2 protection now mod for that game has is compatible with very few devices natively due to how current mod works and most people have to end up installing emulators on their phones just to have chance for it to work. So like that another game I’m particularly have in mind was fixed with simple update no llcp2 protection or anything but they made mod to not work somehow I guess they just know the engine inside out to well so I was hoping if it got a mod via WeMod all those people from the mobile game forum would instantly get WeMod for it and it’s PC counter popularity would skyrocket even if paid me included lol,for now they either don’t realize mod like this is possible for PC ver. or barely knows about it existence and it doesn’t help that it’s not on popular Launchers and the game in question doesn’t work without launcher since it uses some sort of token injection via web to login you into your account.I just hope devs of WeMod decide to make a mod for it🙏even if paid it would be as a once wise man said “It’s a small price to pay” so for know I guess I’ll go on crusade to inform people to move to PC ver. install game and WeMod so the game would become more popular and would get mod made for it on PC and until then I’ll struggle to play it legit on PC client.
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Sounds like the game might be server-sided. If that’s the case, trainers are never made for server-sided games, for technical and also for legal reasons. They’re only for client-sided games.

The problem with mobile games, even ported ones, is that they are also often over-stuffed to the brim with microtransactions. Which can also be a legal problem when it comes to developing trainers for that game, if it happens to be client-sided.