Mod for Valkryia Chronicles 4

I recently unlocked selvaria bles for campaigns and skirmishes, basically able to replay the entire story and extra content with her. But being in gallia kinda… ruins the immersion. In addition to a trainer, I was hoping for a mod in WEMOD that changed all allied soldiers and tanks appearances to imperial paragons and assault tanks, and enemies into gallian tanks and soldiers. I think it has a lot of potential.


Modding, trainer, valkryia chronicles 4, skin change

You will need to vote for the game in WeMod. You can learn more about voting here:

The first game has been modded by wemod, why not the sequels?

We do not automatically create trainers for sequels. We make trainers based on popularity of games.

I have… 350 wepoints, and I’m clicking the search bar for requests to vote on games and I don’t see where I can post for votes

I carefullyy read the tab and… don’t see anything about adding a game to the vote list.

You need to click on Vote after searching for the game and clicking it.

Thanks for guiding me all this way… I’m trying to vote, but it’s not accepting the currency: it says I need more tokens, when I already have 350 of them.

Please watch the video in the link that I posted.

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I was curious, when you search Valkyria in Wemod, you get 3 results from The Valkyria Chronicles series. Valkyria Chronicles itself, the first game… then Valkyria Chronicles 4… and then Valkyria 4. Those last two seem to be the same game based on the fact the picture is the same. BUT only Valkyria Chronicles 4 shows up as an installed request-able game in my list… it seem like Valkyria 4, even if it’s by accident is a duplicate of the same voteable game. And what’s really a shame is if that’s the case, it has over 300 votes for it while Valkyria Chronicles 4 has 35 votes.

Is it possible to combines the votes from Valkyria 4 into what seems to be the proper official option and then delete it, so people would be voting for the correct option for that game?

Thanks for the heads up, we’ll cancel the one with less votes :+1:

Thanks. Though just to point out again. The one with less votes shows up as a requestable game in the game’s list while the one with more votes does not. Is why I asked if the one with more votes can be deleted but the votes transferred to the official one.

Votes cannot be transferred. The game has been removed and all votes were refunded. Anyone that voted for it will need to vote for the correct game.

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Understood. How long usually does it take to see that the stated deleted game will disappear? Just looked this moment, still see Valkyria Chronicles 4 there, though now, Valkyria 4 is at 0 votes, which sounded odd based on how you advised the situation would be rectified earlier.

We do not remove the game from our database. It is simple marked as unsupported and you cannot vote for it.