Mod menu , how can i get that? here?

Hello my name is Ramon , i’ve heard since a month that u can use a mod menu,( now i know how some players kill 100 times in 1 match, but how does Horizon works?
Is it so that if i need an USB stick, and download the Horizon , to put that downloaded , unziped , on the usb stick and put that in the xbox 360? If some1 know how this works… please sent me a message iff you wanted to !!!
I am from Holland maybe that a person from Holland can and wil help me whit this… thanks so far
greetings from Holland
PS: I wanna use that MOD MENU FOR Modern Warfare 3 !!!

Horizon doesn’t let you use mod menu’s, to do that you need a modded xbox, either a JTAG or an RGH.
What Horizon does let you do is mod your gamesaves for most single player games but also does allow some online modding, which is the most riskiest out of all the type of modding Horizon let’s you do.
To use Horizon,
1a. Just install it to your computer like you would with a regular application.
1b. Then take a USB and plug it into your Xbox and format it (Press Y and then choose Format).
2. Then pick a game that you own and that is mod-able with Horizon, i.e. Oblivion.
3. Take a gamesave from your Xbox for that game and move it to your USB. So you would take a gamesave data of Oblivion from your Xbox and move it over to your USB.
4. Plug your USB into your computer, load up Horizon and find Oblivion in the scrollbar at the top and double click it to start modding.

More info about Horizon here - What is Horizon?
Tutorials on modding certain games with Horizon here -

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There are some really good modded gamesaves available for MW3.
I haven’t used mine for a while now but I’m sure they are still available, just ask Google, Google is your friend.

Look at Modded GPDs no Jtag and Closest Your going to get to a mod menu