Mod request for SCP : Secret Laboratory

it’s been a while since I want to have a little cheat on SCP SL to have a little advantage on my friends for fun. The thing is, since this game is not so popular exept in Russia, I’m kinda scared of downloading random russian thing that I don’t even understand… I think It would be a great idea to create a cheating mod on SCP SL, and since I don’t know C# enough, I ain’t capable yet of doing such things… Thank you for reading this and have a nice day !

Hello and welcome to the community. :vulcan_salute:

We do not take trainer requests in the forum, trainers are made or updated based on their current overall popularity amongst the entire WeMod community. Also SCP: Secret laboratory is not supported by Wemod. We do not make trainers for multiplayer, All of our trainers are for singleplayer only.