ModCraft - Ultimate Tool for Minecraft Mods

Incase no one knew about this… I searched and no one posted this yet so…
It works 100% and easy to use. It’s called “ModCraft”

Download Link:

Enjoy =].

Is there an alternate download link. I can’t connect.

This is simply amazing,

Link me to newest cracked Micecraft pl0x? I wanna start playing it!

Buy the dang game you bum.

One sec.

Unfortunately I don’t use a cracked version so iunno if there is one for 1.7.3 =[.

Looks interesting. Ill check it out later.


Cool downloading now.

I broke my Minecraft using this! haha

The tool is awesome though, the mods you can do look mint!

i came.

How did you manage that? lol. Guess that’s why there is a backup minecraft+backup world option O.o’

If you guys can’t get the mods to work, be sure to go under the top colored option which is “Required Tools” And be sure to download those. You need certain required to get the other tools to work.

Why when I try to open it does it tell me that it can’t connect to the server?

Same here. They might be having some network difficulties.

Wow this is awesome.

Thanks for showing :smiley:

Do you have to download Minecraft to use this?

Or can I still use the built in browser version?

I want this bad, but it’s windows only >.<

I think theyu’re having network/hosting problems.
He might have not been able/forgot to pay his hosting, or it’s just down for now.
I’ll give it a bit and hope it comes back up.

i agree, its about 20 USD and notch/mojang honestly deserve it

I was going to make a thread about this 2 days ago, but never did.