Modded Borderlands,Gamerscore was reset. Any way to get it back?

Hey, I used gibbed to edit my Borderlands game saves for BL1/2/TPS and unlock some of the Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot achievements (screw those hour-long matches where you can die at the end and waste all that time). I understand that it’s “wrong” to mod games, but I don’t even play online. I wasn’t banned from being online, but my GS was reset. I had around 120,000 GS, and the achievements are unlocked but all scores are zeroed out.

Is there any way I can use Horizon to re-add that unlocked GS? Can I lock the achievement, then unlock it to the date I legitimately earned it on and earn the score back?

I started a new GT, but DLC for certain games are only tied to my main account and can’t be used on this new one. Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Rocksmith, to name a few, don’t share DLC between accounts apparently.

Thanks for any help.

No, once reset your screwed. That’s why modding achievements is just for offline profiles you want to have a huge number of GS

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Damn…thanks for the feedback guys. I’m going to copy my saves over using Horizon and see what happens. Just made a new account and haven’t done anything with it, so it’s fine if that one gets banned. I have 13 other accounts from years past that are still active.

I was checking out some DLC to see if they were ID-tied and see that all the packs are are zipped .xen files. Anyone know where I can download the official DLC songs for games like GH and RB and add them to my library? I just googled it not 10 minutes ago and found out how to add custom songs, interested in adding the official songs too.

EDIT: And can you use them/play them without JTAG/RGH mods?

@LightRebellion All DLCs and arcade games found at the link below are DRM free meaning you can put them on your 360 and play them with any profile. Your 360 does NOT need to be modified in any way to use them. All the Borderlands DLCs are there as well as some other good stuff. I know it not what you were asking for but figured I’d give you the link.

DRM free stuff:

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Awesome, thanks for the link! Do I need a certain program to add the files to 360 storage? I found Xplorer360 and XLAST, but I’m wondering if I can just copy/paste them straight to their directories. I found the C3 Tools and downloaded those songs to use on RB3, so I don’t really need official DLC for that anymore haha.

Just drag them into Horizon and save them to your device, then move them to your 360’s hard drive.

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Okay, so there’s a difference. Thank you for letting me know. I got the zippyshare files fine and installed them but haven’t tried all of the DLC out yet. That’s the largest collection? Does anyone still have Dishonored from the other topic?

I was able to get all the legit Rock Band DLC as of 2/10, import it and then rebuild the files from LIVE to CON. Is it at all possible to download other region-free games from torrent sites and do the same thing? I’m just new and haven’t tried it yet, wondering if I should bother.