Modding gamerscore without getting caught

Can you mod your gamerscore using horizon, and not get caught for modding your gamerscore?, I’m asking this because last time I modded my gamerscore I got suspended 9999 years.

Dont mod you Gamerscore over 1000 a day. There will be a chance of you getting banned if you do more the 1000 a day, I modded mine a few years ago to like 19k and got reset and set as Cheater like 3 days later.

It’s very possible but it’s also a very BIG risk at the same time.

For example, I myself had a profile which I modded my GS over time using different programs and Horizon was along them and I never got that profile banned for modding it.

I modded that profile different amounts at a time, sometimes unlock all achievements for like 2 games then another time only unlock like 2 arcade games and basically unlocked about 10,000 over the course of some months.

BUT!!! Recently I tried modding GS on another profile I had and only modded one game and only like 2 achievements and that profile is now banned and I was notified it was due to PROFILE MODIFICATIONS. (I DID NOT USE HORIZON ON THIS PROFILE FOR THAT INSTANCE)


BTW: Why do you post things concerning PROFILE situations in “Black Ops II” ? This is the second Thread I seen from you about a profile in BO2.

There are numerous threads on this, please use the SEARCH feature.

Simple answer. There is a risk involved with any sort of modification to GS or anything to do with Xbox. Don’t modify stupid amounts and keep it low key.

This thread should be closed. :smile:

Thanks. Another thing a bit of topic, is there any Microsoft points working generators out there? If so could you please send me the link to download thanks.

BTW: Why do you post things concerning PROFILE situations in “Black Ops II” ? This is the second Thread I seen from you about a profile in BO2. Sorry I’m new to this and I done it on accident.

No, they don’t exist.

Some people hack/phish Xbox Live account, strip the gold and msp from them and then resell the codes for less than their retail price. Other than that, you have to pay full price :anguished:

Wow. This post makes me hate you for some reason.

OT: Keep the modding under 1000 GS a day, and I would do it on an alt account, just to test it out and be sure.

I remember a couple years ago i modded my gamerscore and gained 20k at one time. I have never been reset or anything.
So now my question is, have they increased their security on modding gamerscore?

And your post makes me think you are an idiot, what he said was true.

There are tons of threads on this same topic that he could have just searched to find.

I know, but he is new to the site. I doubt you used the search feature when you first joined the site.
It’s like saying "hey, you don’t know how to use all the functions of this site? F**K YOU. Thread closed

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Yea they have, especially now that they are giving away “rewards” based on your GS.

Another tip, make sure they are unlocked ONLINE instead of OFFLINE.

Sounds like you need a hug.

The game is currently in Alpha with many level designs completed and more to come soon.

Thanks man. I had no idea about this!!

i unlocked all my achievement points (noob move) and haven’t been banned yet… it’s been a few weeks. I consider myself very lucky

I was just suspended for 2 weeks for adding achievements. Now I am reset to “0” and can no longer get achievements for the game I already own. And tere is also the big “CHEATER” that everyone can see if they look at your playercard.

I have never been reset for modding gamerscore, and I’ve modded probably 10+ accounts, 1 account I modded like 19k Gamerscore and never got caught… and on my current account I modded 6k+ Gamerscore and havn’t been reset and that’s been like two weeks… I modded all the achievements offline because I WANT the account to get reset… I have even posted on the forums multiple times completely saying I modded and they still havn’t done anything… But you won’t get caught if you mod smart, mod the achievements to actual, possible times.