Modern Warfare 3 Gets 5 More Prestiges

MW3 might be getting 5 more prestige levels according to the images below you can see that there is room to go from prestige 11-15. This is all from a steam forum post that went live today. Do you think the is legit? If so what are you thoughts on more prestiges being added to MW3?

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MW3: More Prestige Levels Being Added? | ESG – EvilSourceGaming

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if this is true. **** this game

It’s possible. They said they added support to make it possible to increase max level and prestige.

Great…I will take forever to get there

Image from The Tech Game

The Tech Game - 5 more prestiges added to mw3 pc

Yeah, I should just quit now.

I say get a better 11th prestige because it looks so wack

They might do what GoW does, after 10th it’s just like “veterning” or “1-upping” because they just add a number above the 10th icon… With that, they could have unlimited prestiges.

^Could be fake

If this is true it better stay on PC.

Or they are easily copying Battlefield and how after level 45 your image changes.

Or as Gears of War Veteraning as said about.

But when multiple photos are coming about, I HIGHLY doubt it.

This is interesting and Robert Bowling also said that they have the technology to add new weapons into the game… this could be the best thing infinity Ward has ever though of!

Adding more prestiges NO
Adding more guns YES

I would actually enjoy more prestiges.

I like it hope this is true

I dont even believe him

Whats the point… Like actually.

Add more guns not ranks… Makes it more worthwhile.

more guns now!!!

There is 5 new levels and it will be on the console soon :smiley:

I hate Robert bowling