Mods for Midnight Club LA?

Is there a mod for midnight club la

Not trying to be an A$$hole, but you are asking about a game that is so horribly Old, Broken, and for the 360, that pretty much no one gives a Rats A$$ that it ever even existed. Personally I am quite amazed anyone plays that pathetic garbage anymore.

Moving ON

  1. Play the game enough to have an established save with at least one car upgraded to Maximum status
  2. DL Horizon tool to your PC
  3. DL HxD Hex Editor (iirc Nexus is the only web where you won’t get malware or a virus with it)
  4. Find a few MCLA Codebooks to DL
  5. Copy the Profile Saved game to USB stick
  6. Extract it (it will show up as a MC4.sav) with Horizon (Diamond NOT Required)
  7. Learn to Hex edit

I trashed all of my code books for that Sad wore out excuse of a game something like 3 PC’s and 4 years ago … but You will definitely need to find a “Basic Codebook” to get started and learn to experiment carefully from there.
It is a stupid easy game to Hex Edit/Mod that once you learn you might forget a lot of the custom code work, but you really don’t forget the How.
If you get good enough the same basic Hex type of editing can be applied to Forza Horizon(1) in terms of performance modding ( Implemented FM4 Tuning)

Off topic (sorta) –
The code layouts of FH(1) and FH2(360) are identical and FM4 has a 4 byte filler code, But exactly like MCLA (MC4) THEY ALL rely on Gamertag length (all characters including spaces) for byte offset positioning.

i made an account just to tell you that your opinion sucks!

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