Mods not loading and search bar not working

been using wemod for years now with zero issues until last month or so. when I go to load a game the mods list wont load and the play button is gone for some reason. when I go to my library the search bar doesnt work either. i’m at a total loss right now bc I have disabled my firewall and antivirus, reinstalled steam and reinstalled wemod, then restarted my pc.

How did you go about reinstalling the app?

After I uninstalled WeMod I reinstalled it from the WeMod website

Have you tried deleting all WeMod files in appdata.

Yea, I deleted all the app data and associated files.

What exe did you add your antivirus?

I’m not entirely sure what that means honestly. I use Norton. It’s disabled at the moment but even when Norton is running I have WeMod set as allowed to go through

Hmm ok. Can you post a screenshot of your app on a trainer page?

The search bar doesn’t work either. I was able to get the trainer to work after manually downloading the trainer from the discussions icon next to the history bar but it only works 20% of the time it seems like doing it that way

Nothing has changed recently, so there is no reason those would quit working. When did you start having this issue?

It started happening about month ago

Are you using a VPN or on a school/work network? I don’t know why the search wouldn’t work, but the trainer not loading points to it being unable to download the trainer.

I’m on a home network with no vpn

Can you check the console for errors? Press Ctrl+Shift+D then go to console and check verbose

Is there another way to check bc that shortcut doesn’t work for me, nothing happens

If you can’t open the developer console there are more issues. Is Windows up to date and did you completely disable Norton?

Windows is up to date and Norton is enabled with wemod whitelisted

I would disable norton and see if that helps.

I already tried disabling Norton and uninstalling WeMod and reinstalling it with Norton off. Nothing seems to work sadly. All my other trainers work except for the ones on WeMod. Wemod is the only program on my desktop that won’t work. I have no other virus protection and even when Norton is on it tells me WeMod isn’t a threat and is safe to use, I also have the roaming and public folders whitelisted that are found under app data. Windows 10 is also updated

I checked with a dev and they also have no ide and said there is something seriously wrong with your install if you can’t open the dev console.

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\WeMod\wemod.exe --enable-logging --v=-2

Can you try running that from cmd? It should launch WeMod with error logging.