Mods won't appear on game

Hi, I have loaded the mods for Rome total war 2 emperor edition, the in game WeMod menu confirms the cheats are running however they simply are don’t appear…things like unlimited gold etc. I don’t get any errors either, so I don’t understand. Can anyone help? It seems to work with other games but not this one.

When you say they don’t appear, what do you mean?
Like are they gone on the WeMod app? Can you send a screenshot?

Or do you mean the mods do not take effect in the game?

The Mods don’t take effect in game. If I take a screenshot it would just be the normal game but with the mods not there

Is this Total War: Rome II - Emperor Edition on Steam?
And did you buy it on Steam?

Yeah I bought it from steam, it’s working now though. What I did was re-apply the cheats in the WEMOD overlay menu in the game and its done the trick. Thanks for the quick response though is was expecting a few hours for a reply :+1: :+1:

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Glad to hear it’s working for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out again!