MOH: Warfighter Insert Single Player Disc

I downloaded a copy of Warfighter made it into a JTAG rip and loaded it up.
I load up Disc 1 click Single Player and it told me to "Insert Single Player Disc"
So I dashboard and then load up Disc 2 and when I go to Single Player again it says “Insert Single Player Disc”.

So after this I scrap my copy of the game and go and download a confirmed to work JTAG rip of the Single Player Disc, it does the same thing. I select Single Player and it throws up the message “Insert Single Player Disc” I do not know what to do.

Use ISO2GOD and boot them. Dual discs are always a pain.
Edit: Didn’t read you downloaded a Jtag rip.

I’ve never had luck with booting raw files with dual discs. So I can’t help besides saying GOD’s work.

Right on I guess here in a bit I will try downloading a set of ISO’s again if I can’t find another solution. I just have never had this happen.

I had the same problem trying to run the default.xex >.<

If you do end up finding a solution please shoot me a PM or something.

I found this one comment on the torrent I downloaded my already extracted iso from. I don’t use FSD myself and don’t fully understand what he is talking about.

" I tested game through xexmenu and freestyledash (pressing default.xex) and both asked “Please insert Single Player Disk”. to play the game without that problem inside freestyledash settings set the scan to the location of the game. Then inside XBOX 360 Games choose game."

All he is saying is to set the scan settings for FSD to pick it up and then run it through FSD. I’m unsure how that would help, but I’ll give it a try I guess.

Medal of Honor will only run on Jtag/RGH in GOD container or burnt disc. Extracted will cause all sorts of freezing and fatal crashes along with other errors. Also the game has problems running with any plugins in your .ini so if you have any just delete them while playing the game. Also install the HD content from disc 1 then play the campaign on disc 2.

Thanks for the input their Keyring, I had disabled any plugins, namely XBDM because it was directly interfering when I first tried the game. Now I am going to just re-dl it and make them into GOD format so it can figure things out.

I wonder what the issue with extracted iso is though?

Not sure but in the game folder there is a load of .xex’s and its crashes for everyone when they finish the hot pursuit mission. I had massive issues with this game but i used GOD on the NXE dash and i also had to delete the XBDM plugin for it to work.

im getting this even as GOD files

Lol Disc 1 is Multiplayer…

Have not had a problem enabled auto disc switching VIA dashlaunch and setup my folders correctly as follows
HDD:\Content\Games\MOH\Disc 1
HDD:\Content\Games\MOH\Disc 2

I got it to work by using GOD and having XBDM disabled, still baffles me others can use XBDM and a RTE with it.

Do you have XBDM plugin disabled?

No…no it is not.

try installing(or placing the files in) it through XeX menu and launch it from there.

and yes TLOR FETT disc 1 is multilayer.