MONSTER HUNTER RISE Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Is one hit kill possible??


Can i use this on MP or get better a my character and play with other players?
Want to know, if so, i will buy the game.

Please, someone can confirm this to me?

Also the unlimited items only work on some items… tails and fins seem like they dont work


Bumping on the fact that not all Items are affected by the Edit Item Quantity as well.

Some ore’s and the item needed to make decorations don’t work. I have 10 gracium, carbalite ore and like 15 aquaglow jewels but the item editor won’t put them to 50 as it does everything else. Great mod tho appreciate it!! if I have to farm some items then so be it. It is monhon afterall.

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I mean you can but use it at your own risk, and unlimited health and stamina don’t work in multiplayer they are just for the single-player, remember that. I would still advise you not to use it in multiplayer. Why ruin the fun just fight the monster with other people like they fight without using these cheats. And if you can’t find that fun, I don’t think this is the game for you ma man this is what makes monster hunter fun.

Give fling some time he will add stuff slowly, he did this with monster hunter world too. It will take a couple of days for him to add all the stuff.

I got what you meant.
I have +10 years using this kind of stuff, free and paid… i rarely have fun without it xD

But thanks mate!

Please for the love of god, leave MP cheat free.


Just an FYI for anyone using the set item amount cheat you must have more than one item in a stack for it to take effect

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none of these cheats would harm multiplayer but i understand what you mean

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it does work your health still decreases but is recoverable without using items it says that in the tool tip just use items when you get very low on hp this is probably the easiest monster hunter to date I recommend using the longsword or light bowgun if its to hard for you they are very noob friendly best of luck.

defo a no reload cheat and some type of exp modifier for buddies/pets and attack modifier maybe even a easy break monster parts too.

Great trainer works like expected and if I can have a suggestion: could we please an invicible/immune to all damage like the one from Monster Hunter World cheat trainer? Thanks

Not sure how much is possible for encrypted values at the moment.

the item amount cheat doesnt affect some of the items from each monster, certain items dont increase in value when used.

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dont use it on MP man cmon

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Keep up the amazing work! I’m excited for the updates

I support this motion just because I kinda want to rush certain farmings. LOL