More focus on XGP games

Pretty much the title, Xbox game pass is huge now with monthly games
Today I searched for Yakuza in Wemod app and I found it it’s not available for windows edition, neither doom eternal or other games
I’m curious if you guys are planning to focus more on it…game pass is growing up so fast
Thanks for your hard work

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Trainers are only made here at WeMod if the game on that particular platform is popular with WeMod members. The WeMod software automatically detects how many members own a specific game on each platform.

Windows Store is slightly attracting more attention due to its Xbox Game Pass subscription, yes, but it’s still unable to beat the already firmly-rooted giants in the industry, like Steam and Uplay. Also, more people buying from Windows Store doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all using WeMod.

Windows Store still shoots themselves in the foot in some areas, like refusing to allow game owners access to the game’s files on their own PCs without having to go through hoops and roundabouts. That alone puts quite a large number of modders off Windows Store.

If a Windows Store game is popular with WeModders, a trainer will eventually appear in the queue. Economically, there’s not much point making trainers for games that are only going to have a handful of gamers a month using.