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Hello, I am awesomesauce3647, a used-to-be loyal free user of Horizon. I found that over 5 different modding tools (for example Xbox 360 Tools, and 360Revolution for two of them) can do exactly the same mods that Horizon has PLUS about 100 more. For free. There is one thing that they do not have, however: Far Cry 3. That is the only individual thing that Horizon has to offer. But you have to pay to use it. I believe that you guys are being rather greedy, since i cannot find a reason besides maybe the website that you would need money to run. You are just lining your own pockets, when truly there is only one mod that horizon has to offer that others don’t. I say give a few promotions every now and then, perhaps twice a month. Or, you can just offer more game mods for free. Even better, you could always be free. Please consider this, because one day all of your Diamond members will be smart enough to find out what little you guys truly have to offer and then stop the subscription. Then they will tell others to do the same, and it will go on and on until everybody who uses this program stops. Please do no reply arguing, because frankly I do not care about what you guys think and what your reasons are. I know, as a gamer, what other gamers will think.


People continue to use Horizon over other programs because it’s just simply their preference. It’s just simple choices we all make when it comes to programs of the same with just slight differences, like going to Mcdonalds instead of Burger King lol. I do agree charging Diamond subscriptions for tools that other programs offer for free is dumb but the people who make these tools choose what to do with them and how to distribute.

Your argument is totally valid, but there are a few things you should know.

  1. Some of the Diamond members don’t actually buy Diamond for its benefits; believe it or not there are members on here who simply want to support the site.
  2. The difference between Xbox 360 Tools/360Revolution and Horizon is that the former doesn’t fix checksums for almost any of their game editors and latter fixes checksums for ALL of their game editors.
  3. Horizon has awesome support where people can help you with your problems. Xbox 360 Tools has no support.
  4. Another thing, something that some people may not really care about is performance. Horizon far surpasses Xbox 360 Tools/360Revolution, hands down.

But the bottom line is that the developers of Horizon put A LOT of their time and effort into all of this. So basically they can do whatever the ***** they want to. When you own a website and develop a modding tool, you can charge people too.

If the developers of other tools such as 360 Revolution for example, want to allow users to access their software Free-of-charge then that is their prerogative and they will have nothing left to show for their work afterwards except a simple click of ‘Thanks/Like’ button.

Cheater912 on the other hand would like to charge a small amount for the use of his tool and access to all of its features. There is nothing wrong this, it’s a small side-earning pot of funds he has building up and is a means of payback from the community for his work he has put into the tool (not forgetting the other Developers who have also contributed).

People buy diamond to get the tools and to support the site. Horizon has great support whereas other modding tools are lacking in this. If you want to use other tools use them, it’s just that some people prefer Horizon to the other tools around.

it’s either donations, ads or both.

and they laggy …xd

“Please do no reply arguing, because frankly I do not care about what you guys think and what your reasons are”

So why should the site care? You can’t come on here calling the developers greedy and then ask for something free… Diamond is only $5/month and helps cover the expensive server fees and other things. If you were putting time into something as large as this, you would want to make money rather than lose it.