Mortal Kombat 11 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It crashed the game, right at launch. This needs an update, probably will be the last update since the game itself won’t be updated anymore.

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Ok thanks, I’ll just be patient then, it should not be too long before the new version comes out.

No longer compatible. Crashes everytime I activate WeMod. Unable to update trainer on my end as it thinks its current. Thanks WeMod for all your amazing help with this and other games. Your the best!

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Guys, I finally tried the Wemod cheats on my own and it worked !
At least the infinite health worked, haven’t tried anything else yet.

I was afraid of launching it myself because I thought an outdated trainer would get me banned or something like that.
But no ban, and not crash.
I’m running the game in Direct X 11 since I’m getting constant crash issues on Direct X 12.
Maybe try that.

The Free Krypt Boxes cheat seems to have broken the random nature of chests even when the cheat is off.
ie - no chests are spawning that are over 7,999 souls. - the other Soul containers that normally require souls now only have a cost in coins.
what this has done is effectively locked out the possibility of finding character skins as a random reward from chests. with the random chests, the reward is tied to the cost - limiting the cost of the chest has limited the possible reward pool of the chest.
Is it possible to have a cheat to restore the random spawn of the chests, or set the cost of chests to the various break points? 10k (this is the tier necessary for skins), 5k, 1k?

Are we ever going to get a fix to the cheats in this game, the Free krypt boxes cheat has caused issues like whats stated above!. the ones that require souls are LOCKED out cant get them even with no cheats on!

can we get a windows store version? thanks :grin:


Is a windows store version in development by any chance. :moyai:

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Until about 6-7 months ago, the cheat was working without any problems, now I am encountering a strange error code shortly after entering the game and the game crashes, no matter what I did, is there anyone who can help?

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Will the MK11 trainer ever be updated? I just want to clear it’s story.

Please update the Mortal Kombat 11 Steam Cheat?


Hi there!

The game got an update yesterday and the trainer now causes game to crash after playing some time with cheats on.

I hope you fix this. Thank you very much!

Would it be possible to have the same thing as the God of War trainer? No hitbox on your character? That would be awesome!

Is it possible to get this to work for MK11 Ultimate on Game Pass/Xbox Windows app?

Once I pitch in coach I close the game, and when I launch it with DirectX 12 it does not work, can you fix it please

The mod is not working, it can’t even find the game when it is already playing

Please update the Steam version… Thanks…

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please update it for steam, keeps crashing on error

For those who are crashing, please try Launching the game first, then click the Play button in WeMod after it’s fully loaded.