Most fun games to cheat in, most unique cheats

What’s some cool games you can have fun in with trainers in your opinion?

Personally I like payday 2 or dragons dogma, they have a jump increase which you can use to explore out of bounds which is really cool. Or noita where you can spam world ending spells with infinite uses

Well up until November last year I would say Mist Survival was up there. Its a Zombie survival game, with base building mechanics. Sadly the game was updated late November & hasn’t received an updated as of yet. Mind you the new update has completely revamped the game so the bugs are still being worked on. I recommend checking it out once the Update is out of beta as its a fun game even without the Trainer, but a thousand times more fun with it.

oh wow, I remember seeing the store page for that years ago and then completely forgetting about it

I’m going to have to check it out at some point