Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Thank you for the update! With way more options than i was expecting too. Holy ■■■■ fling you are a real badass and i love you. Also one more thing even though i know this isnt the place for it, do you have a trainer for Starwars: Knights of the old republic 2? and where can i get it or when do you think you could bring it to wemod?


Are the cheats now working for anyone else cause for me as soon as i click on and option it deactivates its self

first start the game from steam and wait until you will be in tha main menu of the game, then start the cheats. then it will work

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I know you updated this like two days ago, it looks like if you run mods the inital game loader flashes and then the game can’t be started without mods it seemed atl east load i haven’t verified they work actually. yesterday the cheats worked with mods but then again it was before the game updated

What version of the game do I need? With 1.6.1 weMod says it might not be comptabible.

Thank you for updating it!!!. I love playing this game and been waiting to have some fun and just one problem and i don’t know when it happened, but Unlimited Health and Max Morale is on Ctrl Numpad 01, unless it a choice id go with the health cheat XD. All of the other cheats are working very good for me and i like how its not the regular F1 keys, thank you again for updating the game your awesome dude.

The game got an update right after they released the updated trainer, still works fine for me though

Besides the loading of the cheats taking a long time, sometimes needing to load them twice because the first load fails, but when they start and I enable them, everything works very well. I’m running into no problems.

EDIT: Okay so the cheats still work, however after a few major battles and some in-game days pass by, the game will just freeze and shut down. I believe that an update maybe required. But please update when you can, no need to strain or stress yourself out of it.

Hi everyone!

New update is out and tested out all the options in the trainer and the following are currently broken (toggle goes on and instantly off, or reset to zero). Neither of the broken ones seem to have any negative consequence, no crashes and no weird behaviour.

Max Character Relationship
Edit Gold
Edit Influence
Edit Attribute points
Edit Focus Points
Unlimited Renown
Renown Multiplier
Unlimited Skill XP
Skill XP Multiplier
Unlimited Troops XP
Troops XP Multiplier
One Day Settlements Construction

Hope this list is useful. Thank you for your efforts :wink:


So, how long do you think until the trainer is updated to the new patch?

The Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord cheats have been updated!


  • Ignore Melee Damage cheat added
  • Set Movement Speed cheat added
  • Barter Offer Always Accepted cheat added
  • Max Character Relationship cheat added
  • Edit Gold cheat added
  • Edit Influence cheat added
  • Trade/Exchange Items Don't Decrease cheat added
  • Max Carrying Capacity cheat added
  • Unlimited Smithy Materials cheat added
  • Unlock All Smithy Parts cheat added
  • Edit Attribute Points cheat added
  • Edit Focus Points cheat added
  • Renown Multiplier cheat added
  • Unlimited Skill XP cheat added
  • Skill XP Multiplier cheat added
  • Unlimited Troops XP cheat added
  • Troops XP Multiplier cheat added
  • Slow AI Movement Speed cheat added
  • One Hit Kill cheat added
  • Freeze Daytime cheat added
  • Persuasion/Conversation Always Succeed cheat added
  • Can Recruit Prisoners At Anytime cheat added
  • One Day Settlements Construction cheat added
  • Instant Siege Construction cheat added
  • Set Game Speed cheat added
  • Updated notes

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


None seem to be working. For example when I go to edit gold you can see on WeMod that it tries to change it but then goes back to 0 or turns off. any idea why it’s doing it?

i know the game recently updated is there a way that we can tell what version of the game the cheats were last updated on? so i know what version to keep installed

so far on the
e1.6.3- e1.6.3 in the properties and beta tab the cheats work still

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has anyone been able to equip horses since the update or has somthing chagned

these cheats are working on the e1.6.4 beta !! so great work to who made the updated cheats

Do you have any mods? This works on my version 1.6.3 but a mod I downloaded today stops half the cheats from working.

Yeah they messed up, changed some horses around etc and forgot to make sure the saddle horse was available to anyone with <10 riding skill. will be fixed in the next patch, as a work around you can enable cheats and hit “I” in game and get a sumpter horse (there are two, make sure you pick the right one) once you’re done save and quit, disable in game cheats then reload your game.

unless somthing changed the sumpter horses dont work along with the saddle horses but i will try what you sugested

Sumpter horses were broken by the developer. Like Boneys26 said, this should be fixed in an upcoming patch.

The idea is that sumpter horses are cargo horses and not meant to be ridden. On the upside, the pure blood still has no riding requirements. You can do one of two things for now.

A) toggle the games cheat mode on, check your inventory outside of a village/town/castle and all items in the game should be on the left for you to pick up. You can pickup a pureblood that way to avoid this issue.

B) Do tournaments with the unlimited skill XP. Eventually you and your companions will be thrown into a horse and your riding skill comes with it.

Alternatively, just roll back a few releases on steam until it’s actually fixed.