Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Cheats and Trainer for Steam

not sure if anyone has asked or ansered this but can you use these cheats in multiplayer ?

No. Wemod only works on singleplayer for obvious reasons.

Hey the cheats are very good they are really fun.
But i really miss the option to Increase companion and workshop limit.
It kinda sucks that on max clan tier i can only have like 7 workshops.
Thanks and i appriciate your work.

Some cheats no longer work with the e1.7.0 beta build. Didn’t try them all but Unlimited Party Health would not activate.

One-Hit kills also not working

The trainer is meant for the stable releases, not beta builds, I’m afraid.

Well it worked for the e1.6.5 beta build and lets face it. Almost everyone who plays this plays the latest beta build unless they are using mods that are incompatible with it.

I’m afraid it’s a matter of either supporting the stable build or the beta build, and the trainers at WeMod are intended for the stable build of games.

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Fair enough. 1.7 will be stable in a couple weeks based on their normal update routine. So I guess just keep it in mind.

Can we get an update please sir


Are you using any beta versions or mods?
I’ve been able to load up previous saves with no issues.


You need to launch the game first by itself. Then once you’re on the main menu, alt-tab to hit Play on WeMod. Do not launch the game through WeMod.

the cheat don’t work I lunch form steam i click play in wemod and say that

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Les cheats ne fonctionne pas quand on les actives en jeu… Le bouton s’active quand ont appuis, et ce désactive en instantané…

running into a problem where some of the cheats will turn off as soon as I turn them on, while others work fine. Right now max morale and unlimited food are the ones doing that. Used them last night and they worked fine but now they immediately turn off

Just tried using this today following the instructions and none of the cheats stay active. urn them on and he cheats instantly turn off.

Time for it to be updated

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What version are you on for the game?