Moving Forza 4 Save Game to another profile

First sorry for the wall of text! :smirk:

Ok i’m being dumb here, and have spent several evening trying to do this now with no luck.

Due to a mistake last week when i gifted a car to a friend which turned out to be a Unicorn (i didnt know i dont play the game enough!) my main account got a perm ban from Forza 4 online.

So I’ve started a new profile/ live account, and all i want to do is grab my old save (car list,XP,level etc) and import it to use under the new profile.

This i thought was simple with Horizon Diamond. But no… i cant get it to work.

I’ve read these threads.
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And I’m doing as guided, namely this:
Cannot inject to new profile

And at the end I get a Save game that has the name and owner of the new profile, I move it from the USB to the hard drive. There are no other Forza 4 save games for that profile on the hard drive.
BUT when i start Forza it start as if it the first run, I get Clarkson’s chat then the 458 race.
When i quit the game and have a look at the saves i now have a new save with all the same name/owner details as the save i imported. (2 save with same details on the same device? but different creation dates)

I noted that someone said about decrypting the Forza save but is this really necessary? I’m not sure it is as i somehow managed to move a save during testing between 2 non live accounts but i cant replicate this or work out what i did now?!

Does this not work anymore (due to MS updates in the last couple of days) or am i messing something??


Forza has its own game code that allows it to lock profiles by ID to prevent exactly what you want to do from happening. However, I can look into what would need to be done altogether to transfer a full profile.

That would be awesome thank you.

I have no idea what happened with this other save then. All I know is it has all the same cars as another account but it’s never been used,
I’ll get it off the Xbox and take a look at it.

If you can write down what stats you had on your banned profile you could re-mod it back up to your previous levels.

This, couldn’t you mod your stats and money and repurchase all your cars. Sadly, you’d have to redo the races, but I’m guessing that’s what you’re most likely after.

As unknown said, Forza has a way around this, but maybe we could find a go around :smile: :smile: :smile:

The reason you can’t simply transfer the gamesave from one profile to another is because the game uses the profile’s Id for hashing and encrypting the data. So basically all that needs to be done is to decrypt the gamesave with the profile id that created it, and then encrypt it back with the profile id that will be using it. I created a Forza4 ForzaProfile Editor that you can do this with. I will not post links here but it can be found with Google.

How to import save games???
I was also searching reply for this, but couldn’t find yet… Thanks for the reply.

That’s the “simple” way of doing it though, in that for example if you wanted to convert a whole profile including liveries and most likely the garage, that wouldn’t work.

awesome because i would really like to transfer my stuff on forza4 from a banned profile

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