Mud and Blood

really blows the hacked version is dead thanks to flash games, and now its back on steam but the creators are not allowing mods or workshop to be made. can anyone else relate?

mud and blood was my favorite flash game out their, and i liked a little freedom due to it being also one of the most unforgiving flash games too.


I recall playing this game on Kongregate, as well as ArcadePrehacks, many moons ago.

The game is in early access, so personally I wouldn’t really trust any mods from Steam Workshop to be working smoothly with the game. Steam Workshop is quite often full of dead mods that were likely designed by inexperienced modders and are also likely abandoned after just one game update, unlike proper modding communities such as Nexus Mods.

Aside from that, as far as I am aware this game is developed by just one single person, so it’s also understandable why they might not want to spend their limited time and resources on official mod support.

As for a WeMod trainer, don’t forget to show your interest in having one by hitting that “notify me” button. :slight_smile:

i have but my optimism that it will ever happen is low. the chances it will be looked at is lesser then the chance i get struck by lightning or winning the lottery.