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I dedicate this song to @CHEEVOTRON and his unstopeable folding

ps: @SteveWonda i dont have audio in this pc but i would bet is a rap song? :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course man it’s WU TANG




Oh. look. A few year old post that got bumped

Well. I love my rock and I’m listening to this atm. FFDP is the best tho ^^


Thought I’d throw my 2 cents in here



the cartoon makes it more early edible ^^


@Spray1 I’ve never heard of this Lil Dicky guy, but must say that was great! The cartoon format with Snoop was a hit.


Some good old metal for our metal fans :smiley:



Wow you bring in the big guns. Very good song :3
Of Pantera’s songs i like these


Mentioning guns and then posting videos of Pantera? Coincidence? I think NOT!
Those guys are badasses, they counter attacked a guy with a gun with their bare hands. Tough man indeed.


Watch out or i eat your bacon


Wish this dude still made videos. Guy had a kid in 09 and never posted again :cry: