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I’ve seen one of these threads on just about every forum I’ve visited the past decade, get with the program HMB.

Instructions are simple, post the song you’re currently listening to!

Youtube videos, soundcloud or bandcamp links, anything goes, no genre restrictions.

I’ll start.


Love them! Their new album is amazing <3

I love me some Deltron.

Just finished MCR - TCFSR and now I’m listening to Dayseeker

Lyrics are 2deep4me

This song was the first song in the ending credits of the 2nd resident evil movie. there’s a version with screaming that I like better but I don’t think it’s on youtube

Howard Jones is a god.


Love this song, really catchy and the video is just superb. :wink:


The last post was three years ago, sorry for not bumping an ancient thread

I’m listening to this currently

Currently listening to: