MW2 Challenge Lobby.*Patch Download!*

i use this Patch:

DL:Unlock everything patch.rar

How to Use:
[b]How to use:

  1. verify all players
  2. click toggle online game (to make it public match)
  3. click on both developer modes (be sure there on)
    4.go to unlock menu and click on lvl 70 + unlock all
  4. now wait like 20 sec and toggle online game off and end it so now everyone has there challenges
  5. Your Welcome[/b]

Thanks I am going to try this in 10mins or so


Iv just tried it out…good patch

Is there a way to tell if both dev modes are on?

Uhh, one thing, all the challenges did not work :S

^^ This, however, it worked for me somehow in some magical way (Don’t know what I did) but it did NOT work for everyone else in the lobby.

Can you make a super noob tut?

Yay, it worked for me to.

How do i derank a certain user?

Or when i do derank all, does it derank myself?

Or when i press Derank, does it derank just me?

it will deank EVERYONe

You sir… are legend. :thumbsup:


Thanks bro :smiley:
Can’t wait to try this out :smile:

work fine! thanks

It gives the person all challenges, but if there’s guns that they didn’t unlock, it doesn’t unlock them. It gives all the attachments for all owned guns, though. =)

Oh, and how do we get the exp to stick, and how do we get the aimbot infection? Deranking/verifying specific people would be nice, too, but that’s probably going to take a little while to make.

Besides that, great patch. =)

If the exp could stick, I’d love it. <3


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