Mw3 emblems and titles

These are all the titles and emblems on mw3

source:MW3 Titles/Emblems + More

Only if it told you how to get them.
SwizZz all day :smile:

The Elite ones are kinda cool. Somewhat stupid you gotta pay just to get them.

I want the animated emblems like in Modern Warfare 2, e.g. UAV Radar, Predator missile.
Meh, I appreciate the share though. My favourite title would still have to be the Elite ones, unfortunately it’s hard enough to get them. Other than that my favourite would have to be the coiled snake, the others look pretty much the same as Modern Warfare 2’s titles.

this is not all the emblems and titles yet still finding more

Not For premium one.

It’s called premium for a reason.

Then How do i have it when i never paid for it?

Exellent i wish get all :smile:

How do you get the YouTubeHD title?

I wish i knew how to get the emblem that is 7 over in the 2nd row. The little black and white mushroom/oreo cookie looking thing. lol.

Edit: This one.

Excellent…been looking for this, thanks.

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Shows how to get some titles.

What is that song playing in the video? It’s hard

If u sign up and are able to fully get through the giant crap for elite then u can get the 2 titles, the emblems and the camo for free.

If you make an account and connect to elite after the 30th of November then u cannot get them unless u buy Premium