MW3 looks like crap

Anyone noticed its just like mw2
but there are more pointless explosives
and they faillol controller disconnect
my bets are on bf3
at least they put time into there games

Its better then i expected actually lol

I like MW2 soo, I’m going to like this.

It looks better then this Tomb raider bs that is on now. I will still buy it no matter what. They can’t change it to much or it wont follow the modern warfare story and feel.

everything is better than stupid tomb raider

IGN is ****ing failing i can’t see the stream and i’m ****ing annoyed!!! But i did see MW3 it actually looks quite good :smile:

Tomb Raider is moaning so much.

tomb raider looks so **** :laughing:

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I have all the Call of Duty Games, I’m not stopping with Modern Warfare 3.

MW3 looks really good. I think you’re a bit too judgmental.

F*CK I MISSED IT :sadface:

Ghost recon looks insane tho .

Me too.

What did it show/talk about?

no im just sick of every cod being the same ****
explosives and pointless action

Sure the gameplay is just like MW2, smooth, fast paced gameplay. Why change what they have created there fan base off of? That is why people like COD. It would be the stupidest thing every to change what they got right already.

Did Halo Reach change its gameplay that much from Halo3? Nope.
Did BFBC2 change its gameplay that much from BFBC? Nope.
Did Madden 11 change its gameplay that much from Madden 10? Nope

Games are not supposed to completely change from there previous game(especially a sequel), that would be very stupid. COD will always play like COD. Games are supposed to add on to there previous game, that is what COD has done very well. They have added Zombies, COD points, wager match, theater mode, spec ops missions, spec ops survivor, Combat training, 3rd person mode, kill streaks, playable kill streaks, Emblem creator, the list goes on and on.

I rather them improve the MW2 gameplay a little bit and spend more time adding features to the game, than spend all there time trying to change gameplay that they have already got right.

My jaw dropped when I thought MW3 was going to look better.
NOPE. Same old Call of Duty. Lmfao.

Are you on cocaine? By the way “fast paced” not “paste” derp.
Halo 3 was COMPLETELY different from Reach.

I guess you played COD too much to realize that.

That looked EPIC

Totally agree, halo 3 was brilliant, Halo reach is and was a disgrace to the halos. About to kill someone and armour lock, what is that about ? ! ? !

I mix up paste and pace all the time :wink:

Halo Reach and Halo 3 core gameplay was almost identical. Nothing bad about it, ITS HALO. Why change something that Halo created its fan base off of? Its Halo, people like it that way. New features added but same Halo core gameplay. Just like COD. New features are added but same core gameplay. Games don’t change the core gameplay if they don’t need too and COD doesn’t need to seeing how its the biggest game ever and the fans like it how it is.

@ThePrestige Sure Armor lock was added to reach, but that’s a new feature. The core gameplay was still the same.

Completely different engine. Why do you think people either love Halo 3 and hate Reach or vice versa.