MW3 Prestige Glitch | Working!

Yeah nah i don’t think so

Weren’t people getting the hammer for doing the token glitch?

Sorry I don’t believe this bull ****. The only thing there is 2 still pictures that doesn’t prove anything.

it works but no-one do this or youll get banned ://

Yup they where, but for doing it the way you get negative tokens. This is using the method to get positive tokens :thumbsup:

And you confirmed that this works?

doesn’t this take the fun out of leveling up? inb4 13.5 ban

Correct… but most of them did the way where it gives you negative tokens… there is another way to do it but you need to have 2 accounts (the 1st one has to be level 80 and be able to prestige and the second account can be any level)

Have your friend invite you to a game and have both of your profiles signed in and then go prestige but go all the way tell you are actually able to prestige (where it asks you for the last time if you want to prestige) then have your friend search for a game then backout and you will not be able to select yes or no

Use your controller 2 with the non level 80 account, hit B then select yes and it gives you a token and you still will be level 80

Yup, my friends have done it. Even look in the picture there. I dident make a video because I dident want to blur out the names and ****.

Didn’t know that this was your video, wow :expressionless:.

its fake why did they show them doing it

Just kinda posted the tut for the + way for the token glitch… but there is a video on how to do the +token glitch but when the guy did it he still was level 80 no prestige but got a token… but if you use the +token way you need to be level 80 to even do it…

ill have to try this :smiley:

So how the **** do you do this exaclty?

His friends video with him actually showing you how to do it.

Ok it is, you caught me

^ Thats sarcasm btw dumb b1tch

LOL this is so fake… 2 pictures is not something to believe in

Thank you. I love you.(no homo)

Guess what, shut up and look at the thread. I put another video of it up.