MW3 Single Player Editor

Ive had that problem before on a previous laptop, any sure way to fix it, ive only had this one for 2 months now, moved over a lot from my m17x to an xps.

This is not working for me :anguished: I have a framework of 4.0 is that matters.

I don’t know if i’m going to the wrong thing or what is happening.

Everytime I try to open the Apllication, It says that it has stopped working. Please help me. ( when i go to the application, I open up the “bin” folder and then click “debug” and then their it is. Is that how you get to it?)

Download the executable, not the source. The source is for people who want to see me and Hetelek’s code, aka how we made the program.

I tried that but it won’t download now. I am so lost. My internet protection says it is unsafe, so I then click “Let it run anyways” and then it says that the file may have been moved. What do I do?

Can you get reset ?

Ok. I have everything working now. I had to change computers though because Norton was being a trick. Thanks for this!

Can you provide a new download link?

Click Me, yo

hey everytime i try to add my modded save into horizon i get this error message "invalid signature type detected for the loaded package. Halting reading.Please make sure the file is a valid Xbox 360 XContent Package (“LIVE”. “PIRS”. “CON”)