MW3 Wallpaper and Youtube BG by me

These took me about an hour reach. Nothing much!
Make sure you download the .RAR file so you can get the best quality!


Youtube Background:

Youtube Background and Wallpaper MW3.rar


SERIOUSLY?? No one!!?


You gave it 10 minutes?

Be Patient… a lot of us have lives… also nice i like it

I like them both, but I’m on my ****ty laptop and I can’t change the wallpaper on it, I’ll download them later.

Just hold on, No need to bump the thread 11 minutes later. Not alot of people go to the GFX section. Or they are doing something else.

But its quite nice. The bottom part is sorta weird.

Yeah, I might make the image height longer.

I think that is pretty sick :smile:

Sexy o:

Good job Hateful. :thumbsup:
Can you make the wallpaper 1680 x 1050?

The youtube background would be awesome if you made the “Designed by Hateful” smaller or just took it off


Why would I do that?? So little kids can say they made it and take it as there own?

I liked it until i saw “designed by hateful”

Not a CoD fan and wallpapers dont last long on my desktop, crankrunes MW3 wall is about to be bumped off.

First off, “…”
Secondly I prefer my MW3 wallpaper as well.


Its not bad, but as Gator pointed out, I don’t like that you put your name in it.

Nice job. They look professional. :smiley:

After a few minutes in Photoshop…

I am a bad person :anguished:

wow, great job! I used them both.

Nice sig maxxy I love it :smiley:

Like seriously.
Why wouldn’t i put my name into it? I made it and put enough effort into it to put my name in it. and if you don’t like it don’t use it.
This is not directed to you but to everyone.

-_- Now you want me to make me put “designed by Hateful” Multiple times.

Don’t worry, I’m not that much of an ass. I’m not gonna release it/use it.