MW3 Wallpaper

I’m currently trying to make my own MW3 wallpaper. And I would like for someone to post me a link to the MW3 guy that is on the Front Cover, The MW3 Logo, and the Call of Duty logo with no background. (I forgot what they’re called.)



believe they are called render’s

They all have a white background.

Yes! They’re called Renders. Thanks :laughing:

I’ll see what I can find, if no one posts after me by the time I find it, I’ll edit this as to not double post.

Double postings?

O well i hope you have better luck in photoshop then i do.
I would love to be the first one to view it… If u don’t mind i am sorry for the up and downs we had today…

But ur a cool person i should have kept my word.

Someone cant wait for MW3. :smiley:

Its all cool, I understand. Its just that I was a little ticked off at that time. But yeah you can be the first to view it.

Does anyone know what the Call of Duty font is?

BankGothic Md BT

Maybe Impact MT, I didnt found a download link ):

Impact for the word Call of Duty, BankGothic Md BT for the Modern Warfare text, and not sure for the MW3 logo.
I found a lot of images.



Edit: Here are the fonts.

BankGothic Md BT - Download

Impact - Download