My first rig build WIP

I use to be into PC gaming rather heavy years ago, LFS S2, GTA-SA & IV modding, along with alot of time 3d modeling in 3dsMax, But with the release of Forza 4 in 2011 I got out of it… I am slowly in the making of doing both. I still love forza do not get me wrong. but i do miss being able to insert my own models into games. LFS, GTA & a few others game me the chance back in the day. But with the things I have seen done with Xbox 360 consoles (mainly just having my phat flashed last weekend) it inspired me to use the power of the force… So begining a few months ago I started just ordering parts, although the rig build has been put on hold due to moving into a larger place with my fiancee and 2 “brats” lol. I did get a chance to order quite a bit of it… Here is the list of things I have gotten so far.

PLEASE NOTE: My budget started at 400$ just because fiancee is not a “gamer” type so she wanted some say in it…lol
BUT I figure by the time it is built it will cost me about 800 give or take.

Anyway the list of components I have so far for the build:

DIYPC Solar-M1-R Mid Tower

MSI 970 Gaming AM3+ AMD Motherboard ( I chose this because of budget & the gaming controller inputs as i do have a fanatec CSR forza motorsport wheels/pedal & shifter setup)

AMD FX-4300 3.8Ghz Quad Core

Dual Fan CPU Cooling Heatsink

AND for just one of the reasons stated above:
LiteOn iHAS 524B (Rev B) for XBox360 Games XGD3 Burner

The rest is still waiting to be ordered, I am still doing intense research on some components…

The cpu is alrdy but you should definitely go for a 4.0 Ghz :smile:

edit: hmm you can prob overclock it to 4.0Ghz