My Minecraft is stuck on "Downloading packages" help?!?!

Hey guys, whenever I start up my minecraft and check force update, and then enter game.
It gives me a screen like this,

How do I fix this?

I have tried:

  • deleting and re-downloading
  • deleting .minecraft folder
  • allowing minecraft and java through my firewall
  • allowing minecraft and java through AVG, not sure if I did it right though.
  • restarting my PC

What else can I do?

Try downloading this one


Tell me if it works. Because I use this one and it works perfectly fine

Nope :anguished: Still didn’t work.

I read something that said to delete the bin folder while it was still on, I did and it gave me this error

EDIT: sorry I thought someone posted above this one. Sorry for double post :confused:

Do you have the minecraft_jar file in the roaming file

No, I have a bin folder and a lastlogin file

System restore to a point when it did work :wink:

I’ll restore to when camtasia studio was installed, which was the 3rd, I guess that is my only option :confused:

The servers are done if you didn’t download packages before Notch made the new stuff to minecraft then you have to wait until the site is back up,

This Version Is Illegal And Its Only A Cracked Version And You Cant Play Online No Point And I Just Had This Problem All You Need To Do Is Run Minecraft.exe As Admin :smile: