My program is broken

Hello, my name is Mark, AKA… SPEEDRACERX1X… I have a problem. my service through you guys has stopped working…

first, my credit card had failed to make my monthly payment,… due to an error at my bank… which I have since taken

care of and changed the card Im using... So, now Ive tried to use your system afterwards and its telling me that you

have an update… and would I like to install it.? and of course I say YES! However, when I click yes… it tells me that

Horizon has stopped working,… Now Ive tried everything... Ive uninstalled and reinstalled your program several times…

Ive disabled my defense system to download your program again and still, Im not getting anywhere and I very much

love what your program does for me,!!! Frankly I miss not being able to use it… can someone PLEASE HELP,??? I`m

currently paying for my service…(Diamond) but getting nothing in return. Thank you so much for your time. Here is my personal

me… to walk me trough whatever I must do to get my beloved program back… I miss it,!!! and I need it,!!!

Uninstall Horizon again, and try installing again, after downloading from the link below.

Download latest Horizon:

Dude,!!! GOD BLESSYOU`!!! It worked… Thank you so very, very much… Keep up the great work for guys like me…