My singing monsters

Can someone plz create an infinite gems/coins cheat for my singing monsters? The wait times are really annoying and I’m getting tired of them


Trainers are only made if there is enough interest from the community in having that trainer made.
Simply add the game into your WeMod favourites to help the trainer developers see how popular (or unpopular) and game is so they can organise it in the queue accordingly. My Singing Monsters Cheats and Trainers for PC - WeMod

Here’s how getting trainers or updates made works: Game Queue & Boosts - WeMod Support

However, no, there will be no cheat for diamonds (what you call gems). This is a premium currency that is purchasable with real money. Acquiring premium currency without earning or buying it would be a criminal offence known as theft. Not only would anyone who makes such a cheat be sued, but you’d also be hardware banned from the game for theft (which means you’ll need to buy a new PC if you want to get unbanned from it).

Actually, there is a multitude of ways to get diamonds for free. The game’s devs make it the only way to get a crud ton though. You can win them in spins, or have diamond mines on your islands.

Welcome @SharpKiller827.

This is covered under the “earning” part of my post.

Winning them in casino-style spinny side-games, for example, counts as earning them.

Though they give small amounts for free, the main purpose of these sort of things is to give players a little taste of what the premium currency can do in order to tip them towards spending money on some more.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like a trainer is possible for this game at all.