My Time At Portia Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hi. I am playing the steam version and it’s running great. I would like to make a few cheat request to add to the Game.

  • Upgrade A&G - Allows you to upgrade A&G without having the material requirements for your house, workplace, assembly, etc.

  • 1 Hit KO - Allows you to 1 hit mobs (Mainly bc some of the ruin floors are repetitive)

  • Time Freeze - Allows you to freeze the time of the day.

  • Relationship Multiplier - Allows you to gain x amount of relationship when talking to NPC instead of Max NPC friendship. (Mainly to avoid missing out on dialogue, etc by maxing relationship too fast)

  • Reputation Multiplier - Multiplies the reputation made from comissions, etc

  • Set Reputation - Sets your reputation #.


can you add “freeze time” in the game?

Hi. I’ve tried using the unlimited skill points cheat and it seems to be not doing anything. Any chance this can be fixed? Thanks!

Yeah i had an entire playthrough with no issues and used time freeze extensively, does an older version of the mod still have it?"

I am having issues with the cheats making me unable to refuel my crafting stations, making them essentially useless, and with the skill point cheat not working. It shows 0 skill points to spend and does not allow me to spend any points despite the trainer saying I should still be able to use the points.

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The Easy Craft mod doesn’t seem to work. It still uses materials and if those materials aren’t present, I can’t craft the item…

those are actually some really amazing ideas!! hope the creator sees ur comment!!! :crossed_fingers:

I had the same issues here.

Please do more cheats! My daughter loves this game, but we love sandbox mode! More, more more! <3

awesome mod for the game… the unlimited character points cheat doesn’t seem to work, I did what it said to do and I also watched the video on it and nothing

Just curious if there is a way to get the yellow endurance circle to disappear? Thanks!

I am having an issue refueling. When I attempt to click the fuel button, it’s grayed out. However, when I try to just craft, it says I need to refuel. Anyone has any ideas what’ s going on?