My wemod doesn't work like others

My wemod doesnt seem to be the same version as my friends? im trying to use it for Battlefield 4 and my settings are different compared to theirs despite it being (technically the same version of the menu) when i load into a game my options can be toggled on but it doesnt work. i have both my anti virus and firewall off.

There is only one so it should look the same.
I’m guessing your using it online if you know what your friends look like but wemod is supposed to be used for singleplayer only
Or you using a different version of the trainer in history
Other then that if your using it online we cant help you

yes, i am using it online, but so is he. im just looking to get the no recoil. and i do know what his looks like compared to mine. but its the wemod itself that is also completely different. regardless of offline or online.

the first one is his menu, the other one is mine.

Someone is using an outdated trainer version.
There’s a History button under the Play button where you select the recent trainer version in the list.

Because of this, we will not help you any further.
WeMod does not condone cheating in multiplayer game modes nor does it deliberately provide the tools to do so. You will be banned (or at the very least, shadow-banned) from the game in the next ban wave just for trying a trainer in an online game mode.
It is common knowledge that trainers are not for online use.

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