NBA 2K23 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Changing the speed of the game f’ed my game up permanently, game is in slow motion for me and my friends. We tried verifying the integrity of my files on steam, reinstalling the game, changing back to 60 hz, turning v-sync on/off. I’m out of solutions. Whatever you do, never change the game speed.


having the same issue here whatever i’ve done it doesn’t fix my whole game is slow motion atm


I think the new season update messed up the super stats cheat. It’s not working like it used to where every shot was guaranteed.

DO NOT download this mod menu, the modify game speed cheat will PERMANENTLY put your game in slow motion even after deleting wemod and reinstalling the game. The “support” team DOES NOT care about you unless you have the pro version. Even then, this issue has been reported for over 6 months with absolutely no response from the developers. Very frustrating and disappointing experience overall DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

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It’s more that the support team don’t know how to fix this issue, so all we CAN do is get users to report the issue on the forums and hope that the devs know how to fix it.

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Totally understood, you guys are not expected to know how to fix everything. However, if you do not know how to fix an issue, simply stating that would be INFINETLY more helpful than ignoring it. That being said, a temporary fix could be to simply remove the game speed option from the menu until a fix is found! Thanks again for responding!

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game speed has broken game speed for park and career, need a fix please

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So, super player stats is not working anymore? That was the only thing I was using.

last time I tried super stats in myplayer it no longer was like using sliders all the way up. Idk this new season messed up that cheat from what I’ve been doing

Any updates on the game speed mod PERMANENTLY breaking people’s games? No?

The speed mod only changes the tick rate of the game until the process is closed. Once it has been restarted there is no way for it to break your game.

Any updates for this month?

Is there an Option to add a cheat for Mega-XP for the Seasonpass?

Is it possible to tweak the super player stats coding to just affect the controlled player?

Thanks for all you do!

udpate please

could you please add a end quarter cheat so its easier to rack up vc, the 2k21 cheat had this

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Can please get an update on this cheat so it works more efficiently?

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I have a question so how can I use wemod and not get banned. I used it in mycareer and then got banned without using it in any online game

is the super player stat working for anyone? it doesn’t work for me. only unlimited stamina works for me.

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I’m having the same issue literally just got the name and now my game is constantly in slow motion is there any way to fix this at all ?