Nba 2k23 i get kicked out

Hello. When I enter the nba 2k23 game, I get kicked out. Anyone know the solution? :smirk:


yeah me too. With the new update on the NBA 2K23 using WeMod my game keeps on crashing. when youโ€™re already playing 5-7mins the game crash, but when I tried not using the WeMod the game will not crash.

Hope you can make a few adjustment on this issue.

But WeMod is definitely the best.

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Thank you for your support bro I hope they fix this issue. wemod is really the best.

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yes bro. When itโ€™s about gaming WeMod can make our game easier. heheh, instead of buying boost pack from steam.

Hope the WeMod developer will make an update soon.

thank you too bro for raising this issue.

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