NBA 2K24 no supported?

Is NBA 2K24 a game that is no longer supported by a wemod trainer?

2k24 was never supported. The developer has made it clear they don’t approve of any modding even in single player by adding an annoying amount of anti-cheat so there will not be a trainer for this game. Assuming they continue with this trend, 2k23 is the last game of the series that will have a trainer.

Is the possibility of being added in the future close to zero? I’m sorry to repeat the same question.


It is indeed a zero in the foreseeable future for this game.
Knowing the developer of that game, there’s a higher chance of finding out that your pet dog is really a triceratops.

The only way I personally see this changing is if another development company buys out the current developer and decides to drop the single-player anti-cheat.

But how come some guys like infinity2k, ezpark are able to have all the park hacks, auto green etc?
Wemod cant make trainer because this year they added denuvo for 2k24?
I always enjoyed the game more by using wemod for mycareer stuff,dont care about park and online play. There has been wemod trainer for every nba 2k since 2k16,but all of a sudden anti cheat is so annoying,that wemod guys just do not care to deal with it?
Developer has never apporved of any modding,butt that did not stop wemod for all this time.
I am sorry,its just very dissapointing. Would not have even bought the game if I knew,that there wont be a wemod trainer…

It has nothing to do with being annoying or not being annoying. It simply isn’t possible.

I have no idea who these other people are that you’re talking about but I imagine they are charging for their mods.

Yes they offer ridiculous subscription based packages for that specific game.
I understand. Just wanted a definitive clarification that I and anyone else should not wait for any miracles regarding trainer. Have a blessed day sir!