NBA2K16 mod help

I modded my NBA2K16 career after the draft I click exit it goes to save and freezes please help me

Do you have a backup save? You might have changed the values to something too high. I don’t have the game so I can’t really say for sure.

When modding saves, always always always make a back up copy in case something like this happens.

I am making a new cereer right now gonna play the draft game and see how it goes if anyone else has advice please feel free to say so

I played to games then modded the sp to 700000and it froze again after I clicked quit it froze

I changed back to 100 sp and a few hundred fans game still froze after It was over…not sure why.

Must be something that freezes the game if SP are modded/edited. Or just something with your save.

Is this an Xbox one mod??

No it is not an Xbox One mod tool.