Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 (REQ)

This is for the newer one.

Inf Nitro
No Arrests
Reset Wanted Level
Wanted To Zero
Max Average Speed
Freeze Timer
Always 1st.
Max SP 40,000,000
No Crashes

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I take it this is for the new MW and not the old one?

Forgot to mention it’s the newer one. Think it came out in 2012.

This request is for the bad Most Wanted
The good one came in 2005 i believe

It was free from Origin.

I know, i was just trying to say that the 2005 is the superior :wink:
Anyway got a topic on that. So for anyone who still want it, go grab it

no problem at all. cant go wrong with a free game. even if it is crap.

I’d use this for never wanted, no crashes and inf nitro, would be pretty cool.
That is, if @STN or one of the other devs decides to kindly make one for us