Need GTA 5 friends! getting a modded console! Best place to buy one?

Hey everyone, I’m new to this place - BLAH BLAH BLAH Typical new guy **** script, cut to the chase, GTA 5 is pretty lame in most aspects, patches, players, lame missions, you get the picture. However, I am getting pretty bored of GTA single player, even with profile mods which enable you t fly cargo planes, pink titans, and amazing cars.

The point is that I have Zero friends, and would simply like to play GTA online. And if you play GTA online, you probably know that being a loner is boring as hell without being able to run unsigned code.

That actually brings me to my next little announcement/question. I just got a job, and although I’m making minimum wage, I still haven’t moved out of my parents house, thus my budget for an xbox 360 console which can run unsigned code is 100% of my income. Not interested in actually modding a console myself, I’m willing to pay a lot extra for a premodded one. So my obvious question is, where is the best website to buy from? Did a few Google searches but didn’t find anything that seamed promising.

So to review, I would love to play and become friends with some chill people on GTA online. (don’t worry I’m not bad at the game or a jerk or anything like that), I’m getting a modded console soon, (if I can find a good website to buy from)
and a little advice on a good capture card to buy would be nice as well.

My gamertag: Kicked Vegas
My name: Jon
My budget for a modded console: $350 PREFERRED $800 MAX
My budget for a capture card: $200 PREFERRED $300 MAX

I’ve used TTG’s Marketplace for every Jtag/RGH I’ve ever owned. That’s what I recommend.

Link: Community - The Tech Game

Edit: Mods if I’m not allowed to link that just snip it.

Fleabay ?

you mean ebay? I looked for a fleabay site. tried a few results, nothing of use. :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, call me paranoid but I don’t really trust ebay sellers. It’s probably an irrational fear but, I don’t wanna risk getting ripped off with the amount of money I’m going to probably spend on this.

That’s why there’s a general feedback for the seller.