Need help with installing a mod menu onto my xbox 360 for gta v online

hello out there to all you modders, anybody know a simple way how to install and create a mod menu that i can download on to my xbox 360 for gta v online. i would like to be able to litterally open up anything i want and be able to drop as much money on anybody i want. i have 2 mod sites. modio and horizon. modio didnt have any mod menus just a bunch of weird mod saves i didnt understand and horizon actually let me downoad a mod menu but then later i found out u cant download a mod menu with a usb that will work, and if the mod menu i used did work i coudnt load it in my game maybe because it was already patched… if anybody has any attachments or links that u think will help me with gta 5 online game mods or gta 5 online mod menus please feel free to comment back … would greatly appriciate it… thanks.

You’re going to need a JTAG/RGH Xbox to use a mod menu. I suggest starting your research there.

hi bud
im after the same thing…? I woud like to know how or were I could buy a moded xbox…

I would start at thetechgame. They have a lot of verified sellers that are reasonably priced. Team-Xecuter also has a B/S/T section for services and consoles.

Hey, I don’t have any money for a jtag. Do u know any one that could give me a mod menu

no, you will need a jtag.

Fleabay usually sells them, but need to get in quick because they’re flagged as inappropriate listings.

can anyone help me i need mod menu and instructions to install only want offline mod menu as i cant go online

You can use a modded gamesave for offline, I have seen plenty of them with lots and lots of dollars, god mode etc.

Or use a modded Iso Disc to have a mod menu.
Most will let you play online on your own. AKa the modders pool

well finally got my xbox360 jtagd… lol how do i go on line with out getting band ?

That is something you will have to find out on your own. I don’t condone online modding so I will not provide you with the information to do it.

can you tell me how to get the mod menu on the game save

You can only use a mod menu if you have a Jtag or RGH modded 360.

If you want to use a modded save I will leave a link to a good one below. After downloading it, drag it into Horizon and change the Profile ID to the same as your Profile ID, then do Save, Rehash & Resign, and then save it to your device.

Modded Save:

bonjour moi aussi je cherche a maitre des modes menus xur ma x box 360 slim pour gtav histoire pouvez vous maider via clefs usb mercie bonne journee

What color is your xbox?

need help with modz downloading

not really a modder just couldn’t find a name can someone help me with modzz

yes this is

Some quality posts here. :+1:

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