Need help with modded controller XL Team 45 Mode

I need help on switching the Sections and adjusting rapid fire.

I have the XL Team 45 mode but I dont have the instructions for the controller its self…

here is mine;

Not to sound rude or anything, but why would you need a modded controller with 5000+ modes?

I wish people would read before buying stuff.


Can you post a picture of the back on the controller?

Its just normal. Doesn’t have the fast on/off button.

Try this if this not does not work i would get in contact with him or you are ****ed.

That is like impossible to read…

just press the little button on the back and the 3rd player light will turn on and the modz are activated

Hey… I have that same controller. Do you need instructions? I have a Word Doc…

I need some instructions. I have the controller but no instructions. It would be a great help! You could either emial or find a way to send them

can i please get the doc with instuctions to the 45 mode controller i just ordered one

Whoever you guys are buying these from should be supplying instructions in either printed form or a downloadable doc. I’m sure if you ask they will give you a link or something.

Just got one of these controllers second hand and the guy didn’t have the manual. Could you send me a copy of that Word doc?

Could I get a word doc as well.

Can you send me a word doc too please I just bought my controller second hand and they didn’t have instructions