Need help with Skyrim modding for Xbox 360!

Hello Hello! I’m a very new modder here, wanting to solve some problems on my version of Skyrim on my Xbox 360 through a mod. The issue i’m trying to correct on my game, is the Infamous Illia Bug. but for Horison, My main issue, is when i try to put the mod i want into Horizon, the mod wont register, stating it isn’t a valid file, since it isn’t CON STFS. The two mods I am trying to download, are, and this one

I’ve downloaded both of these mods from the Skyrim Nexus. If anyone can help me change the files to where i can put them in Horizon, that would be unbelievably appreciated!

You should have searched the forum for an answer. A lot of people post threads like yours.

Here is one from two day ago:

Skyrim Nexus is for PC mods only. You’re SOL, sorry. Have someone fix your bug with console commands. Google “skyrim console commands” and hit the first link

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Finding Skyrim Mods
First Launch your favorite Internet browser and execute a search for Skyrim mods compatible with the Xbox 360. Examples of search terms you can use are “skyrim mods xbox 360” or “download mods for skyrim xbox 360.” Navigate to any website offering Skyrim mods for the Xbox 360 to browse available mods. Examples of reputable Skyrim mod sites are and Select the option to download the mod of your choice. There are thousands of Skyrim mods available based on your personal preferences. For example, you can download mods that feature detailed faces, weightless items, or enhanced character performance. Save the mod file to your Windows desktop. Later on, the mod will be moved over to Horizon to convert the file into a format compatible with the Xbox 360.

To add on to what @milldogtjm said, to convert a Skyrim PC save to Xbox, rename the .ess file to “Savegame.dat”, then open the .exs save in Horizon, click the contents tab, right click Savegame.dat & hit replace. Choose the Savegame.dat that was renamed from the .ess file. Save, rehash & resign, and you’re off to the races.

Note this only works for savegame mods, not actual mod files

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