Need help with WaW DLC's

hello. i just download the call of duty world at war dlc’s and now i want to copy it to xbox 360 and install them of course.
but i got problem. all i do is… plug usb on xbox and format it so that horizon can find im…plug to pc run horizon then i grab file (dlc) map pack #2 and drag into horizon and he show me whole dlc…but where i can read profile id console id title id there are all 0000000…ok so i just click save to device and click storage that is usb…when it’s finished horizon saays success transger i plug usb to xbox and when i want to copy file from usb to hdd of xbox i see the “!” on file…and get error copyin…

so my questions are…1. how i do it correctly…2. what i’m doin’ wrong…3. and who can help me out…tnx for answers…

sry for my eng…im slovene…

nice post

If the DLC isn’t DRM free than you can’t add it with Horizon and play it. Unfortunately WAW DLC is not DRM free, Sorry.

You can find all DRM free content that can easily be added with Horizon at the following 2 links.
Aden34’s DRM free thread here on site
Another Source