Need help

Hello I need help with Achievement Unlocker I am doing everything right as I know of. I downloaded Horizion, made an account, bought Diamond, logged into Horizion, configured my profile, and then unlocked achievements. I accidentally did unlock all I wanted only two for one game.

Anyways I need help it isn’t showing any achievements in the achievement list or it isn’t showing a change in my gamer score. I’ve browsed around the forums, youtube, and a couple of other websites and no resolutions were similar to mine.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?
I just want a couple of achievements unlocked for my favorite game “Bully Scholarship Edition”. I had a great game save but none of the achievements would load and I lost my game save.

So if anyone has an accurate game save that isn’t corrupted like the ones you find online as well as be able to tell me how to use this achievement unlocker I’ll appreciate the help/

Bully Scholarship Edition

Try recovering your profile then try modding it again.

How do I that?

Delete the profile from your harddrive and select download profile when asked to sign in.

I did that but still shows achievement unlocked locked them all but not appearing.