Need to ban somebody on xbox live

I bought an account for gta online and it had unlimited xbox live a while back and the guy i bought it from wanted it back, i bought it for $40 and he wanted it back for free. I said no give me at least $15 back and he wouldn’t accept the offer. A bit of time pssed and i went to log in to the account and he stole it back. I need help on getting it banned so he doesn’t do this with anybody else and steal their money like he did me.

sigh… wemod does not deal with situations like these that is purely a microsoft situation nobody here can ban anyone on xbox live

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This isn’t a hacking forum. Horizon does not offer anything remotly hacky and few people here have any xbox 360 modding knowledge.

The only way someone could ban an account would be by hijacking the account and running it unprotected on a jtag(or similar) or doing something else that will perm ban it quickly. Doing this would be illegal, nothing you will find on an innocent softmodding site.

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He was sitting with all of the cards.
This was a dumb move on your end.

Your money is lost. The only thing you can do to try ban him is contacting M$ yourself.

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He couldn’t. He was selling/buying accounts, certainly nothing microsoft allows. And the lifetime live is suspicious. If it was a legitimate thing it would be worth A LOT, not $40 (you would be very lucky of you could even find an 1 year subscription for that).


NO ONE, got lifetime live. And i someone did, they wouldnt be shady enough to get it and then sell their account.

I bet not. The only one that got it that i know is that guy reaching 1million GS or whatever.

Still though. Sounds like a normal scam to me.

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You never know, it could be a thing. According to OP anyway (“unlimited xbox live”).

It being a scam is likely. The reason the seller even gave him the account could be to ensure it looks legit and the payment goes through.

Yeah but then since he sit with all the cards.

Like for example the phone recognition.
Probably when the payment went through and he secured the money he probably just locked this guy out.

Because he could never change the PW because he didnt have any phone or email tied to the account.

Either way, he will not get the money back

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When i purchased the account i changed the password and then later on changed the enail associated with the account, i’ve had the account for almost a year and a half and not once have i had to pay for xbox live. On the dashboard it has the go big with gold banner and i click on the subscriptions for the account is says no xbox live subscriptions. It was a modded account and i know scams and what not, he just asked me for the account back and i said no so he hacked into the new email and reset it

This sounds very fishy.

Either way, this site dont provide any services to ban people.
And to go on doing that is harder than you think.
We of course could try reporting him but i dont think that would help too much.