New around here

Hey all, the name’s Chris. Retired US Army these days stay at home dad of four. I volunteer part-time at the Church as the Youth Pastor and would like to think of myself as a easy-going fun guy. Always looking for more gaming buddies but finding people interested in strategy games seems to be harder and harder. Use an Office reference and you’ll have me laughing for a while. Take care and looking forward to getting to know others.

Welcome to WeMod! Dad of four, that’s a tough feat! Especially to find time to game as well! I hope you find what you want here at WeMod and if you have any questions feel free to post on the appropriate thread or in this one :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome. :slight_smile:
What’s your favourite strategy game?

These days Crusader Kings II or Stellaris, yourself?

Thanks, yeah most of my gaming is done while everyone’s at school lol. Seems like a great community around here from what I’ve seen. Looking forward to getting to know people.

Welcome aboard dear, I hope you will enjoy.